Commitment. This is a big word for some people when applied to another person – it can be a big deal, But how is your commitment to yourself?

What are you committed to with regards to you personal and professional development? Do you have goals and dreams? If not, why not?! If you do… good.

Dreams are goals without a time frame, so get some goals that will take you to that dream, and then commit to them.

Start small and simple – commitment has to be learnt like everything else.

If you want to learn something new – commit to reading one page in a book about your chosen topic every day; then if it works, increase the commitment.

Don’t start something and then give up if/when it gets hard and scary, or because it is easier not to do it.

Reassess your goals in line with your dreams, apply come commitment, and get some balls!

Once you have achieved one dream what is to stop you from achieving another?

Be committed to improving yourself.

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