Feeling Lost? Sort it out!

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The first thing is to remember who you are or who you want to become.

Hopefully you should know exactly what and/or who this is and have it written down – some would even recommend carrying that piece of paper around with you along with your personal goals so you always know what you are aspiring to (these goals can and will change so just make sure that you revise and update them regularly) When you have remembered what you do and who you want to become gat back on working towards that goal. Knowing this info is a top priority in becoming an athletic artist and happy in all your actions. Your goals will help structure your training and living schedule and help optimize all your efforts. The time I find hardest is finishing a big project or a company tour.

You have been living in this very specific work bubble for a while – usually not as long as you think, but it has been long enough to completely throw you off your good regime of focus and self dominance as you have had to drop everything and put all your attention on what needed to be done ‘now’ – especially if you are an independent dance artist leading on a project, stepping into a new role or things are going a little wrong with your project plan.

When this comes to an end you have to effectively recalibrate your brain, focus, and daily habits. Especially when you realize that you have also become a bit lax on all general aspects of your organization (post, tax, paperwork, emails, washing, cleaning, friendships, quality/personal time etc.)

Once you see the array of mess and disorganization no matter how big or small, it is going to be hard to get back on it while this all still needs sorting. Your project maybe over but its not finished yet as you still have to catch up. You are looking for a clean neutral space in which you can recalibrate, reorganize and restart yourself to move forward with clarity.

Here are a few helpful tips that get me back up and running in a very positive frame of mind where I am in control.

1. Sort your junk out.

Before you can start to organize and clean you need to get rid of mess and clutter.If you are self-employed sort your receipts out if you have just been stuffing them in your pocket. Only keep what is necessary.Do your washing. Clean and tidy your living and work space. Go shopping and get some good food back in the house (and throw away the quick junk food that you may have been surviving off or having as a ‘just incase’ supply)once you have got all this sorted you will be in a much better place to start sorting YOU out.

2. Organise and tidy your living and work space.

Now you have sorted the junk, get what is left back in order. Know where things are and have a clean, well organized space in which to operate from.This can take a little longer than you think, as I am not just talking about cleaning the shelves and your wardrobe but things like getting on top of your tax for you self employed folk. Get your paper work in proper operational order. Sort out your desktop on your computer and have your files where you can find them. It’s quite exciting and liberating when you or someone else needs something and you know exactly where it is.

3. Take some time to decompress.

Don’t start ‘the next phase’ still worn out from the last phase. Just chill for a little bit, even if it is just a day or two. Meet friends and family. Watch some films. Get into the countryside and breath.

4. Make a plan.

Now if you have work already lined up with a company or the next project is coming around, get your self ready for this. If your next event is a while away or there is nothing definite on the horizon, MAKE A PLAN. This is just like going to a gym and not knowing what you are going to do. You will try a few things that you think are good or that other people are doing, be in there far too long and not really have the most productive time. Same thing applies with your future available time.Are you going to work out, study, take class, learn something new, meet with people, plan the ‘next phase’ – if so plan it. Don’t just wander around the gym floor like a muppet, go in with some purpose.This plan should also directly correspond to your goals list! If it doesn’t MAKE A NEW PLAN.

5. Actually do your plan.

Don’t plan it and not do it. It’s just going to get you down. If you are not sticking to your plan, re-evaluate it. You are probably trying to do too much and not enough. Oh, and make sure that you enjoy it too!

If you follow these 5 steps you will feel a lot less lost and more focused on what you want to achieve and who you want to become.

Don’t be reactive but proactive with your future.

Get it done.


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