E  X  P  A  N  D     Y  O  U  R     P  H  Y  S  I  C  A  L     P  O  T  E  N  T  I  A  L  

Athletic Artist is a training initiative focusing on the physical optimisation of dance professionals.


We do this through Strength and conditioning events, coaching, and proactive education.


By supporting dance professionals in this way we can actively reduce injury rates and continue to push physical boundaries.


We are at the forefront of the next generation of dance training, bridging the gap between the dancers and scientists.


Aesthetic supporting strength is limiting.

Strength supporting aesthetic is progressive.


Strength and conditioning events for dance professionals. Covering a large array of subject matter focused on the physical optimization of the dance professional.

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London Contemporary Dance School

Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Kingston University

Arts University Bournemouth

Dance UK
Youth Music Theatre UK

Edge Hill University

Leeds Metropolitan University

Derby University

Yorkshire Dance


Danceworks Studios, London

Pineapple Studios, London

Adaire to Dance

Tall Tales Big Moves

London Studio Centre

The Centre Performing Arts

Kent Dance Network

Leeds CAT

Dance East CAT

Wilkes Academy of Performing Arts


"I feel positive about training now and being able to structure a simple programme. This talk gave me so much more understanding about the basics, which are never really taught like this – in depth."

Engaging and inclusive – very useful to supplement my training.

Very beneficial for dancers that are in training. It raises the importance of having full range of movement, and understanding how to get that for your body, to improve yourself as a dancer/movement practitioner. Loved it! 

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