Failing is a good thing – both in training and in life. Failing in life can be quite hard hitting and may not present any positive silver linings for quite some time, so I will mainly be talking from a training perspective.

In training, working out, body conditioning and practice you have to fail to know where you stand in your physical ability. This might be a physical bodily failing where you can lift a weight any more, run any further, or too tire to carry on – or this can be a mantal failing where you lack the motivation to push hard of the confidance to try something new or challenging.

Now, a lot of people will fail once or twice and then give up. This can happen in many ways. You could fail physically and give up mentally, or fail mentally and give up physically. In the worst case scenario you fail in both and give up in both. Once you fail – Don’t. Give. Up. Instead think and evaluate about how and why you failed and do something about it.

There is always something t learn from failing – regardless if the size and nature of the fail.

Most, if not all, of the people I teach and train will fail on at least one thing I give them and if they don’t I will find something, just to challenge their own persception of themselves.

The words I always say to them are “you have to go wrong to go right”.

This can be seen throughout your whole development into being you. When you first tried to walk you fell over, when you first touched something hot you got burned, when you first did something bad you got told off, when you wasn’t there for some one close you let them down – from all of these instances you learnt something and modified yourself in the appropriate way.

Going wrong is part of learning and learning is what you have to go to grow and develop.

Don’t be afraid of going wrong a little or failing on an epic level. Don’t let fear hold you back.

Face fear, get clarity, get vision, get better – Be you!

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