The Royal Opera House, Mason Healthcare Suite, London

July 22nd

Session 1 - 10:00am - 1:30pm (3.5h)

Session 2 - 2:30pm - 6:00pm (3.5h)

(Both sessions are identical)


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All too often I get asked about weightlifting, and whether dancers should do it…? 
YES! Is my answer. Always.


STRENGTH SESSION will help improve power, neural drive, and muscle recruitment by learning the basics of weight lifting, specifically for dancers! Learn the basics and start training!

We will not be pumping iron! And you will not be getting “HULK”

We will be looking at neurogenic change, developing stronger neural pathways to develop a better neuromuscular relationships.
This basically means that learning these skills will prime your body to jump higher, land softer, lift easier, and move with greater speed and power.


We will be working through highly effective compound movements to best serve dance development, and to build relevant, useful, and applicable strength, for men and women


There is a lot of misconception around dancers lifting weights and this workshop will educate on solid technique, correct information and best practice.


This event will be taking place at the Mason Healthcare Suite at the Royal Opera House. If the Royal Ballet are lifting weights maybe you should be too…

This workshop covers:

  • Understanding of strength training principals

  • Education on compound movements

  • Weightlifting technique

  • Body weight progressions and regressions

  • Take home training structures.


Both the morning and afternoon session will be the same workshop.


The STRENGTH SESSION is suitsble for all pro dancers, teachers, and students (3rd year +) with a good level of movement training.

This Event will be being filmed for documentation and publicity purposes.

By booking your place you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.