What are you scared of?

Have you questioned it?

I regularly encounter people who seem to be scared of very acheiveable tasks. It seems that excessive effort scared quite a few people, and it appears that the reason for this is fear of failing…! Failing can be a fantastic thing.

“you have to go wrong to go right” is something I often tell my students, clients, friends and myself (sometimes daily to myself…). By failing I have found many limits and problems – meaning I have discovered a new threshold to over come. This is most relevant in my physical training. In the gym the other day I kept increasing the weight on my dead lift until I ‘failed’ to lift it – I now Know my limit in that movement and can do something about it and develop. Sometimes failure takes you by surprise and significantly highlights a weakness. In a recent ballet class I attended I totally failed in my petit allegro – sloppy feet, chasing the music, struggled to pick up the exercise – It felt terrible. The silver lining behind this fail is I now know what to work on and can focus towards this as opposed to being ‘scared’ about the class because I cant do it.

One of the best mental training developments is to say to your self “I cant do it yet”. Don’t be scared of trying new things or failing at them. Give it a go. You might even find that you are good at what ever it is that might scare you – you might even enjoy it.

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