Dynamic muscle quality

I bang on about supplementary training to compliment your dancing; this is one of FLUX’s main drives, along with pre-habilitation over rehabilitation.

One thing to take in to consideration is that our bodies are a “use it or lose it” system. Basically if you don’t practice you wont get any better.

Something I have been looking at recently is my dynamic muscle quality. Training explosive actions such as high jumps, distance jumps, explosive pushups (push up clap) to make sure that I do not loose that quality in my movement.

I fear a lot of people only do a lot of yoga and Pilates outside of the studio. Don’t get me wrong, I love yoga and Pilates and believe their principals are essential for supporting movers of all styles and qualities, but they rarely jump or explode in their movements.

Choreography is blurring many boundaries, and crossing many styles, requiring a lot from the dancers body. The more movement ability you have the more you can offer as a mover.

I think it is hard to continue developing new movements after vocational training and we forget to learn new movements. Continue exploring your ability. If noting else, its fun to learn a cool move!


  • Jumping lunges

  • Explosive push ups (start on knees if you like)

  • High tuck jumps

  • Burpies

Or go to some gymnastic classes. If you are in London try Adam Pudneys ‘Acro for dancers’ classes at Pineapple studios and Studio 68, or head to SkillTown in Hackney (

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