A fully loaded toolbox event looking at technique, anatomy, conditioning, physics, creativity, and performance!


  • Where – London, The Place

    When – May 21st

    Time – 9:30am-6:30pm


    The Floorwork Intensive is a fully loaded toolbox event with serious bang for buck learning.

    We have run floorwork events in the past and focused purely on the movement but we wanted to improve the learning out and offer something unique – pushing the learning past the moves and creativity  and addressing the work that supports the end goal – Moving like a boss into and away from the floor.

    The day will cover:

    Floorwork technique:

    A full class addressing technical components that have been developed of the years of delivering floorwork intensives. This class adheres to a familiar class structure allowing quick translation of skills and a familiar place for learning to grow from.

    Anatomy: areas of focus:

    We always find there are some physical challenges when learning or improving new skills, so we will be addressing specific anatomical areas to understand personal limitations and what to work on to reduce them.

    Floorwork conditioning:

    When learning new movements or developing well estabilished vocabulary specific conditioning elements are often left out, leaving us to struggle with the aesthetic before we have the neuromuscular capability to facilitate our desired movement ambition.

    Floorwork physics:

    Although we are superhuman in our movement ability we are still bound by the same forces as everyone else. By understanding what holds us back, and down, we can challenge these universal forces and maybe even use then to our advantage!

    Movement and tricks:

    Once we have a better understanding of our selves and the forces around us we can address the big exciting moves from a more educated place – finding more power, stability and time.


    There is more than one way to fly, roll, dive and land so we must explore!


    At the end of the day we are all dancers so we must do exactly that… Dance.